EPSU supports Human Rights to Water and Sanitation-Water Justice For All Toolkit

(13 December 2016) EPSU is happy to support and promote the recently launched Human Rights to Water and Sanitation toolkit. The project which aims to bridge the gap between water justice activities and human rights campaigns has been developed by the Blue Planet Project, FLOW (For Love of Water), the Canadian Union of Public Employees, KruHa Indonesia, la Red Vida and the National Coalition on the Human Right to Water and Sanitation.

The toolkit contains a set of educational instruments which provide information and support to water campaigns seeking universal access to safe, affordable, accessible drinking water and sanitation. The project is largely a response to the neoliberal policies around the control, use and distribution of water.

This Water Justice For All initiative concerns itself not only with issues of access to drinking water and sanitation services but also with the fundamental questions of who controls, owns our water and who defines the policies related to water. It recognizes that the protection of watersheds for future generations, the equitable distribution and democratic control of scarce freshwater supplies and essential services are integral to the achievement of universal access.

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