Council puts provisions on Right2Water at risk – Urgent need to mobilise

(20 June 2018) Next Monday, June 25, the Council of the European Union will discuss for the first time ever the European Citizens Initiative Right2water. It has been 5 years of campaigning and mobilization after collecting almost 2 million signatures.

The European Commission has partly addressed our demands in the proposed Drinking Water Directive! This is great news. 

Article 13 foresees 2 main obligations:

– First, an obligation for Member States to improve access to and promote the use of drinking water via a number of measures, some of which are included in the Article (assessing the share of people without access to drinking water, informing them about connection possibilities, encouraging the use of tap water in public buildings and restaurants, ensuring that equipment is available to freely access tap water in most cities, etc.)

– Second, an obligation for Member States to take all measures necessary to ensure access to drinking water for vulnerable and marginalised groups. When those groups do not have access to water intended for human consumption in the sense of this Directive, Member States should swiftly inform them of the quality of the water available to them, and give the necessary related health advice.

We fear that Member States want to kill the positive elements introduced by the European Commission, especially in Article 13. We are asking you to contact your minister to ensure that the voice of citizens is heard next Monday.

So please write to them (see email address of your minister below) with the following message:

The European Commission recently put forward its proposal for the Recast of the Drinking Water Directive. This takes account of the demands of the nearly 1.9 million European citizens who gave their support to the first ever successful ECI that sought recognition of the Human Right to Water in the EU on the basis of the UN 2010 Resolution. The Recast of the Directive is on the agenda of the Environment Council on the 25th of June. We urge you to support the European Commission’s proposal, especially the provisions in article 13. We ask you to encourage the other members of the Council to formally recognise the human right to water. The upcoming debate in the Environmental Council is important. It is the first time that the Member States have the chance to debate the demand of nearly 1.9 million EU citizens for the Human Right to Water. Water is a Human Right! Europe must finally recognize it!

Many thanks for your efforts

Send this message to your minister in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom