The Trade Union of State and Self-Government Institutions Workers- ROTAL(Estonia)


Swimmer in the Estonian Olympic team: "Water is health and I need that to training"


Executive Director of Women in Europe for a Common Future (WECF), Netherlands: “We might want to make remark how important this human right to water and sanitation is especially for women, especially in developing countries and countries in transition, that it is often a question of life, death, illness and violence against women, and that we are VERY concerned that its some of the rich countries in the north, were sanitation is not a question of death, illness and violence, which are trying to turn back this new human right, which was agreed in 2010 by the UN general assembly”


Coordinator Water Justice Network and Professor at Wageningen University, Netherlands: "Secure access to safe and sufficient water is fundamental for human beings and their social, natural and cultural living environments, but is increasingly threatened by powerful interests and agents who see it foremost as a commodity apt for profit-making business. Amidst water policies and practices that tend to be coloured by fundamentally unequal relations of power, the human right to water for all, and a fair and sustainable distribution of available water, are among the main issues and struggles of our time”


Emeritus Professor at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands: "Quality public water services are an indispensable part of modern society. They require high skills and knowledge and a balanced consideration of the interests of consumers, governments, workers and the environment!"

Jean-Jacques JESPERS

Journalist and Professor at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium): "L'eau tombe du ciel, et c'est heureux car sans elle la vie n'existerait pas. On peut y voir un cadeau de Dieu, si on y croit, ou un don de la nature. Mais certainement pas un bien privé ni une arme stratégique. L'eau, comme l'air, n'appartient à personne et est indispensable à tous. Nul ne peut se l'approprier pour quelque but que ce soit."

Mr. Tommaso FATTORI

Founding member of the Italian Forum of Water Movements and one of the promoters of the successful 2011 Italian referendum against the privatization of water utilities: "Firstly, this is a matter of civilization. Universal access to water and sanitation is a basic human right, recognised by the UN General Assembly: now we ask the EU to act in line with this position, embracing and implementing such a fundamental right. This means stopping and immediately reversing the privatization of water utilities and the resulting commodification of water itself. But this is also a matter of democracy: the people of Europe should decide, and not the Troika, which follows the destructive prescriptions of neoliberal economics and exploits the crisis to destroy social rights and to privatize common goods and public services. Two years ago, in a popular Referendum, 27 million Italians voted against the privatization of water utilities and of local public services. This overwhelming victory shows us clearly that there is no such thing as a pre-ordained destiny: if we have the will, if we are capable of organizing, then we can defeat neoliberal policies. That is why it is now so crucial to sign and support the ECI on water, as the ECI is the first tool - however weak - of direct democratic participation provided at the European level, which gives voice to the people on what type of Europe we want: a Union based on real democracy, universal rights, common goods and public services for all. As citizens we can sign the ECI and become “legislators”, because we have no intention of letting the financial markets and the economic powers decide what our future should be"


President of CITUB Trade Union (Bulgaria): "The right to water? -This is the human right to life!"


Deputy General Secretary IMPACT Trade Union (Ireland): "I sign for the right to water"


President of the Party of European Socialists (April 2004-November 2011)


Entertainer, Denmark: "I sign for the right to Water"


Mayor of Ghent (Belgium) "Water: een basisrecht voor iedereen"

Mr. Enrique FOSSOUL

General Secretary FSC.CCOO Trade Union (Spain): "El agua es el recurso mayor en el planeta y el peor repartido. Mil cien millones de personas no acceden a ella".


Member of the Socialist Party, Netherlands


Mayor of Brussels (Belgium)


Executive Director of Stakeholderforum, UK. "I sign for the human right to water and sanitation!"


Conseiller Général du Val-de-Marne (France): « L’eau, plus qu’un besoin vital, est un droit qui reste à conquérir en France, en Europe et dans le monde. Le service public est un élément fort de la garantie d’accès pour toutes et tous à l’eau et à l’assainissement »


Mayor of Leicester (UK)

Christiane FRANCK

Directrice générale de l’intercommunale belge Vivaqua et Administratrice déléguée d’Aqua Publica Europea: «Au sein d’Aqua Publica Europea, association qui regroupe les principaux acteurs publics de l’eau européens, je me bats pour que l’eau, bien public, reste entre les mains du public. » Christiane Franck, directeur-generaal van de Belgische intercommunale Vivaqua en gedelegeerd bestuurder van Aqua Publica Europea, steunt de actie 'right2water'. "Binnen Aqua Publica Europea, de Europese vereniging van de openbare wateroperatoren, strijd ik ervoor dat het beheer van het water, als openbaar goed, in handen van de openbare sector blijft".


Finnish Arch Bishop: "Water is the source of life. Water is also the most crucial of all the necessities of life. By defending the right to water, we defend the right to life without conditions. Using water as a means of gaining profit violates against the sanctity of life created by God."


Famous Czech actor: "I traveled a lot and I had the opportunity to see and experience how important it is, that each person in the world has the right to drink clean water! Having a functional sanitary helps to reduce the spread of infectious diseases to a minimum"

Bertrand DELANOË

Mayor of Paris (France)


Mayor of Naples (Italy): "Diviene progressivamente centrale un'efficace gestione dei beni comuni, intesi quali acqua e servizi pubblici, attraverso forme di accesso e di gestione condivise, con la partecipazione dei cittadini. Stiamo lavorando a un testo costituzionale europeo più attento ai diritti della cittadinanza, i cui contenuti si svilupperanno attraverso il lavoro dei sindaci, delle rappresentanze istituzionali dei territori, ed il coinvolgimento della cittadinanza attiva." "It becomes ever more necessary to establish effective ways of managing common goods, such as water and public services, through new participatory forms of access and management, with citizens actively involved. We’re working at a new European Constitution, closer to citizens’ rights, to be developed through the efforts of all mayors and institutional representations of territories and through the engagement of active citizenship."

Konstantin Wecker

Musiker, Liedermacher, Komponist, Schauspieler und Autor: „Wasser zu privatisieren ist die bislang größte Ungerechtigkeit, die sich die neoliberale Ideologie hat einfallen lassen. Ich bin gerne bei der Europäischen Bürgerinitiative dabei und setze mich dafür ein, das Menschenrecht auf Wasser Wirklichkeit werden zu lassen.“


President of the Republic of Poland from 1995 to 2005: "With pleasure I take under my honorary patronage this European Citizens’ Initiative, as important for humanitarian reasons. I would like to accentuate, that this initiative is consistent with the resolution of United Nations General Assembly from 28th July 2010, which declared, that the right to water and sanitation is the right of every human being"


General Secretary European Public Health Alliance (EPHA), Poland: "Water and sanitation services cannot be treated as an ordinary commodity when they are so essential to life itself. People cannot live without water, children do not grow up healthily. Access to drinking water is a very basic requirement, a fundamental human right. And yet in Europe, water and sanitation services are increasingly privatized, making their access more difficult for people who cannot pay for them"


ABVAKABO FNV Trade Union (Netherlands): “A dignified life starts with water”


Vice-President Federatia Sanitas (Romania): "To be able to live and work, I drink public water"


President Social Platform (Germany): "Social Platform is pleased to support the campaign “Water is a human right” as access to affordable public services is a key concern of our members. Moreover, water is not an ordinary commodity: it is a basic requirement, a fundamental human right. Social Platform therefore asks EU decision makers to protect access to water from commercial interests and to promote a rights-based approach."


Member of CDA (Netherlands)

Monika Wulff-Mathies

EU-Commissioner for Regional Policy and Cohesion from 1995 to 1999: ”I fully support the aim of the campaign “right2water”. As the first European Citizens’ Initiative it is a positive example that shows: people want to be involved in European politics and to be proactive. This is very important to promote Europe and to foster direct democracy.” EU-Kommissarin für Regionalpolitik und Kohäsion 1995 bis 1999: „Das Bürgerbegehren „Menschenrecht auf Wasser“ hat ein wichtiges Ziel, das ich unterstütze. Als erste europäische Bürgerinitiative ist es zugleich ein positives Zeichen dafür, dass sich die Menschen in die europäische Politik einbringen und aktiv werden wollen. Dies ist ein wichtiger Schritt zu mehr Bürgernähe und zur Stärkung der Demokratie durch bürgerschaftliches Engagement.“

João Manuel de Jesus Lobo

Mayor of Moita (Portugal) and President of AIA (Associação Intermunicipal de Água da Região de Setúbal): “É uma honra e um dever associar-me a esta ação de autarcas, Presidentes de Câmara Europeus. Eu apoio e já assinei a ICE “A Água e o Saneamento É Um Direito Humano” apelo para que todos vós, meus concidadãos, façam o mesmo. A água é um direito, não é um negócio. É possível um mundo melhor e mais justo! É possível um mundo em que todos os seres humanos tenham acesso à água e ao saneamento. Vamos dar corpo a este sonho realizável!”


Socialist Party (Netherlands)


Adjoint au maire de Paris, chargé de Paris Métropole & des relations avec les collectivités territoriales d'Ile de France : "L'eau est à nous"

Jeremy WATES

General Secretary European Environmental Bureau (EEB): "Water is indispensable to life. It runs through our cities, our bodies, our valleys, sustaining us and our environment. Water is therefore not a commodity like any other; it is a fundamental human right. The EEB is pleased to support this campaign to ensure that water is seen as a public good and that protecting our water environment prevails over commercial interests."


Professor, Manchester University, UK: "Water is not just a human right, access to water is a matter of democratic equality".

Dominique WATRIN

Sénateur Nord Pas-de-Calais : "Une maitrise publique des sources d’énergie et de celle de l’eau est la seule garantie pour que chaque être humain en France et dans le monde puisse avoir librement accès à ces ressources vitales, bien commun de tous"

Francisco BRAZ

President of STAL Trade Union (Portugal)"Water is an essential need for all people, it is a renewable good (through the water cycle) and irreplaceable. It is important that control over water remains in public hands and that water is governed as a human right. Only that way water is of us all and for us all”. "A água é um bem indispensável a todas as pessoas, é um bem que sendo renovável não é insubstituível, que deve ser preservado e não esteja submetido ao objectivo de obtenção de lucros. É preciso que a água continue pública, é indispensável que ela continue pública e que seja gerida como um direito humano fundamental! Assim, a água será de todos e para todos!»


Candidate Mayor of Paris


President of the water board "Amstel-Gooi-Vecht", Netherlands: "Waterschap Amstel, Gooi en Vecht maakt zich sterk voor veilig en schoon water en sanitatie in haar gebied, maar ook door langdurige samenwerking ver buiten onze grenzen. Goed water en sanitatie is cruciaal voor alle leven waar ook ter wereld"

Gabriel Amard

President "La Gauche par l'exemple" : "Comme l'air, comme le rayon du soleil, l'eau est un élément naturel indispensable à la survie. Nous sommes dans le domaine du vivant. Trois jours sans boire et nous sommes morts. Ce n'est même pas que "l'eau n'est pas une marchandise comme les autres", l'eau n'est pas une marchandise! Elle ne doit donc pas être traitée tel quel. C'est au service public d'en gérer sa potabilisation, son approvisionnement et son assainissement. C'est la garantie que l'intérêt général et le droit d'y accéder priment sur toute autre considération."


TV personality in Lithuania: "The Humans are like those plants, which can not survive without the water. We are the Amphibians. And the Amphibians need the Water. It is our Human Right. And it is as simple as that. I like simple things. I like the rain, as I adore the sun. I love to sleep, as I prefer to be awaken. I desire to live so much as I am willing to die with the smile on my face. And nobody can take these simple things from me and my family. Especially the Water".


Famous Czech Singer: "Every person has the right to have a free access to clean water and sanitation"

Eberhard van der Laan

Mayor of Amsterdam (Netherlands): "Amsterdam heeft een van de beste drinkwatervoorzieningen in de wereld. Onze kennis delen we met steden die dat nodig hebben. Binnen Europa en daar buiten. Dat is onze plicht. Het gaat hier om een mensenrecht, want een gezond leven begint bij schoon drinkwater." - “Amsterdam has one of the best water supply in the world. We share our knowledge with cities that need it, in and outside Europe. That is our duty. Water is a human right. A healthy life starts with clean drinking water”.


Adjointe au Maire de Paris et Présidente de "Eau de Paris": "Au-delà de la catastrophe sanitaire, le manque d’eau contraint toute possibilité de développement économique, social et démocratique. L’inégalité dans l’accès à l’eau constitue l’une des plus grandes injustices, frappant les plus pauvres et les plus démunis socialement, et tout particulièrement les femmes. L’eau, essentielle à l’ensemble des écosystèmes, est notre bien commun, et doit être gérée dans l’intérêt général, dans le cadre d’un vrai service public. C’est pourquoi j’appelle à la mobilisation des citoyens européens, pour que le droit à l’eau, devienne enfin une réalité pour tous !"

Jochen Stemplewski

Präsident der Allianz der öffentlichen Wasserwirtschaft e. V. (AöW) und Vorstandsvorsitzender Emschergenossenschaft/Lippeverband: "Wasser ist unser Lebenselixier – ein Gut, das wir schützen und bewahren wollen. Für die Menschen und die Umwelt. Die AöW lehnt die Liberalisierung und Privatisierung der Wasserwirtschaft ab. Wasser gehört in die öffentliche Hand!"


Mayor of Ljubljana : »Ljubljana je mesto, ki se lahko pohvali s čisto pitno vodo, in na to smo zelo ponosni. Na mestne ulice smo celo postavili javne pitnike ter tako našim meščanom in obiskovalcem v toplejših mesecih omogočili brezplačno odžejanje. Ker se zavedamo, da je kakovostna voda javno dobro in človekova pravica, ne sme preiti v upravljanje zasebnikom. Zato bomo v Ljubljani zagotovili, da voda ostane dostopna vsem.« "Ljubljana is a city that boasts of having clean drinking water, and this is something we can be proud of. We have even set up drinking fountains on the city streets and thereby enabled our residents and visitors to have a drink free of charge in the warmer months. As we are aware that good-quality drinking water is a public good and a human right we cannot allow it to be privatised. Therefore we in Ljubljana will ensure that water remains accessible to all".


Chairman LAKRS Trade Union (Latvia): "I sign for the Human Right to Water"


Professor at Zaragoza University, Spain: "Deberíamos introducir el derecho humano al agua potable y al saneamiento básico en nuestras constituciones y leyes fundamentales, como han hecho ya varios países latinoamericanos. La UE debería hacer lo propio, reformando la Directiva Marco de Aguas; y no sólo por lo que significaría de cara a los propios países de la Unión, sino también por el eco que tendría a nivel mundial y las implicaciones que deberían derivarse en lo referente a nuestra responsabilidades globales."


Mayor of Genoa (Italy)


President GdG-KMSfB, Austria


President ACV-CSC Services publics (Belgium): "I sign for the Human Right to Water"

Marc Levy

French writer

Erhard BUSEK

Chairman of the Institute for the Danube region and Central Europe (IDM) in Vienna, Austria. "Water is life. The ecological situation for us will be more and more dependent on water. We have to do a lot to keep this condition of life available for everybody."


President of the European Anti-Poverty Network, Belgium. “Everybody has a basic right to clean, safe water at an affordable price. This is a fundamental human right. EAPN members increasingly highlight rising prices and declining standards of water in many countries, as with other key public services, often as result of liberalisation and privatization, without safeguards for guaranteeing social rights and standards. EAPN strongly supports this campaign to safeguard water as a key public good, a cornerstone of a progressive social and sustainable EU, and a key tool in the fight against poverty”


Chairman OSDLV (Czech Republic): "I want all people to have fair access to water at reasonable prices. I do not want any exorbitant sums to be paid for water after the privatization - as in the Czech Republic - where since the privatization prices has risen enormously due to the greed of multinational companies. All people should have the access to water and to meet their personal needs no matter what their income situation is." "Chci, aby všichni lidé m?li spravedlivý p?ístup k vod? za rozumné ceny. Nechci, aby se za vodu po privatizaci platili nehorázné sumy, jako tomu je v ?eské republice, kdy po privatizaci se neúm?rn? zvedli ceny ohledn? zisk? nadnárodních spole?ností. Všichni lidé by m?li mít šanci si koupit vodu a splnit si své osobní pot?eby bez ohledu na to, jaká je jejich situace.


General Secretary PASYDY Trade Union (Cyprus): "I sign for the Human Right to Water"

Rezso GAL

President EVDSZ Trade Union (Hungary): "I sign for the Human Right to Water"


Secrétaire Générale, OBUSSAS – Observatoire des Usagers de l’Assainissement en Ile-de-France: « Alors que l’ONU a reconnu le droit à l’eau et à l’assainissement comme un droit fondamental de l’Homme, il est plus qu’urgent qu’en France comme en Europe le droit à l’eau devienne une réalité pour toutes et tous. »

Andreas Schieder

Austrian State Secretary: "Wasser ist ein Grundbedürfnis. Jeder Mensch soll täglich mindestens drei Liter Wasser trinken. Jeder von uns möchte aber qualitativ hochwertiges Wasser. Das heißt, die Wasserversorgung muss in öffentlicher Hand bleiben. Denn nur dann ist die gewünschte Qualität gesichert, die wir gerade in Österreich so gewöhnt sind. Deshalb bin ich Botschafter der Europäischen BürgerInneninitiative!"

Martine DE REGGE

Schepen van Openbare Werken en Mobiliteit in Gent, Belgium: "Water: onze publieke verantwoordelijkheid".


Public Services International (PSI) General Secretary: "Implementing this human right is the cornerstone of our work in the public water and sanitation sector. PSI member unions are mobilising to strengthen our democracies, to build stronger connections with community groups, to hold our officials accountable and to ensure universal access to quality public services for clean water and sanitation"

Hanna-Maria Seppälä

Successful Finnish Olympic swimmer and world champion: "Water is a crucially important element for me for the sake of training, good physical condition and health. Water is the basic prerequisite for life and, therefore, safe, clean water should be a basic right available to everyone."


Mayor of Nantes (France)

Claude ROLIN

General Secretary ACV-CSC Trade Union (Belgium): "L’eau, comme l’air, sont indispensables à la vie. En faire des marchandises, c’est s’éloigner de l’humanité. L’accès à l’eau, en qualité et en quantité, est un droit essentiel qui doit être garanti à tout être humain, partout sur la planète"

Frank Jensen

Lord Mayor of Copenhagen (Denmark)


German Künstler und Autor: "Wasser gleich Leben, Wasserlassen gleich Lebenlassen"