(Brussels June 20th) On April 1st the first European Citizens Initiative (ECI)  on water was registered at the European Commission (EC). This ECI is sponsored by the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) and it enjoys broad support from civil society at European level as well as in all 27 European Union (EU) Member States. On May 10th we officially started to collect signatures and today June 21st we give the starting signal for the paper collection

On June 15th the Italian Water Movement and the trade union FP-CGIL organized a press conference to mark the launch of the water campaign.

If you want to hear it please go here:

(21 June 2012) Today the Portuguese municipal workers union (STAL) organised a press conference in Porto, in the gardens of the water company, to support the ECI on water as a human right.

This action is linked to the national campaign to stop the privatisation of ‘Aguas de Portugal’.

For more information see the attached piece (in Portuguese).

(20 June 2012) The first six European Citizens’ Initiatives (ECIs) in EU history have launched campaigns and are collecting signatures, but it’s at the moment impossible to support an ECI online due to what one group calls "severe" problems.

read here the article published in Euractiv


(14 June) EPSU Women’s and Gender Equality Committee met on 11 and 12 June for their annual meeting and discussed with Women for a Common Future (WECF) on implementing the human right to water. In the light of the on-going European Citizen’s Initiative (ECI) to collect one million signatures

(10 June 2012) At their yearly meeting in Sventoji at the Baltic Sea the federation of Lithuanian energy workers combined their sports activities with the collection of signatures for the water campaign. They found Ignas Krupavicius, a TV-personality, willing to act as an ambassador for this European Citizens’ Initiative in Lithuania and to promote this campaign at their sports games. During the weekend over 500 signatures were collected. This is giving a good sequence to the Finnish unions that collected 400 signatures the week before.

News Splash n°6 But online signing must wait. Trade unions in Finland were the first to get people signed up to  our European Citizens’ Initiative, collecting almost 400 signatures on paper

(31 May 2012) The crisis leaves us strange paradoxes: “banks are being nationalised, water is being privatised”. This last point is already affecting 46% of the population. But protests are growing. Dozens of Civil society organisations in Spain are joining forces and ready to defend public control over water. Read the full article in Spanish.

(30 May 2012) The European campaign "Water is a Human Right" got off to a strong start in Finland over the weekend

(22 May 2012) Clean water and sanitation should be a human right – available, accessible, and affordable for all – but this can only be achieved if water services are kept in public hands, says union leader - by Anne-Marie Perret


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