News Splash n°15 : In the past few weeks our campaign has seen the number of signatures rocket up from 300.000 to 900.000! Most signatures have come from Germany and Austria. Thanks to all the people in those countries for promoting our European Citizens’ Initiative! In all other countries

(5 February 2013) Because our campaign went like a rocket from 300.000 to 900.000 signatures and is still going strong, we have raised our target for September to 2 Million signatures!

Erwin Pelzig, German comedian did a great performance in TV programme Neues aus der Anstalt last week. It gave a huge boost to our signature collection. Thank you very much, Erwin!

Watch it here (in German)

with English sub-titles (turn-on caption)

(22 January) Stadtwerke Karlsruhe in Germany calls on citizens to support the European Citizens’ Initiative for the human right to water and sanitation and against liberalisation of water services in Europe.

(17 January 2013) News splash 14 :  We hope all of you have made a good, fresh and healthy start this year! We certainly have in Germany where we collected over 10,000 signatures per day this week! Thanks to all people in Germany that promoted our European Citizens’ Initiative! In Austria, Spain, Italy, Sweden and Finland we also began the new year with an increase in the numbers of signatures collected. We have to continue this trend, but we can only do that with your help.

Happy new year! While still recovering from celebrations, let us remind ourselves that 2013 has been declared the “United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation”. The decision was made in 2010, with Resolution A/RES/65/154, and calls on UNESCO to coordinate the year’s activities, by virtue of its multidisciplinary approach bridging natural and social sciences, education, culture and communication.

Monday, December 17th, the City Council of Reggio Emilia has approved a statement that bring the emilian town near the re-municipalisation of the water service and represents another example for the rest of Italy.

In Sweden the Right2Water campaign launched on December 10th, In order to get the campaign going and create a buzz around, Kommunal decided to support the national radio concept Musikhjälpen.

Musikhjälpen the Swedish version of Serious Request*,  a radio show that airs for 24 hrs /day for six days straight in order to collect money for a charity. The show is aired from a glass house that is set up in central Malmö. This years theme was Clean water which was suitable the Right2Water campaign.

(18 December 2012) News Splash n°13: On human rights day (10 December) we released the names of eleven European mayors that support our European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) for implementation of the human right to water and sanitation

On 10 december our campaign was launched in Sweden, linking it to human rights day and the Nobel prize ceremonies. A dedicated website in Swedish has been set up as well as a Facebook page in Swedish. The start of the campaign has been reported in national press. Read more (in Swedish)

The Mayor of Portuguese municipality Moita declared his support for the European Citizens’ Initiative “Water and Sanitation is a human right!” on Human Rights Day and is joining our growing group of ambassadors. In his personal statement Sr. Joao Lobo calls all his fellow citizens to sign for this ECI and to make the dream in which all people have clean water and sanitation become reality.

Read the full Press Release (in Portuguese).


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