(29 April 2013) The Athens Water workers are organizing many activities to underline that it is bad public policy to privatise the Athens water company.

(26 April 2013) Water privatisation is on the agenda in many European countries now austerity policies are imposed and governments are scrambling to find money.  Water privatisation is hotly contested

(17 April 2013) “Agua de todos”, the Portuguese groups that are fighting privatization of water in Portugal is nominated for the “BOBS”. This is a German Prize by ‘Deutsche Welle’ for the best social activism online. The winner will be the one that gets the most votes until 7 May. The prize would be a welcome recognition of the tireless efforts of all these groups to stop privatisation of water in Portugal and to protect water as a public good.

Every body can vote.

(16 april 2013) Se den seneste italienske video: med Stefano Rodotá, Lella Costa and Ascanio Celestini. Du bør også skrive under!


News Splash 17: På og omkring Verdens Vand Dag (22. marts)  var der mange aktiviteter rundt om i Europa for at fremme vores europæisk borgerinitiativ ”Vand er en menneskeret!” Ugen blev en stor succes i Litauen

(21 March 2013) Hundreds of activists will be collecting signatures for the right to water European Citizens Initiative in many countries in the EU on the occasion of World Water Day.  More than 1 million citizens have already signed

(20 March 2013) In his speech to the UN the Dutch Prince of Orange calls for an extra effort from States to make the human right to water and sanitation become a reality. He calls in particular for more efforts to reach the Sanitation goal for 2015, which is lagging behind. He explicitly states that access to sanitation is not a kind of charity but a legal right!

As she spoke in Vienna at a conference on the future of water services in Europe, Maude Barlow expressed her support and admiration for the European Citizens’ Initiative and what we have achieved so far. “I am really honoured to be with you today and to support the European Citizens’ Initiative, “Water and Sanitation are a human right.” I have enormous respect for the work you have done collectively as well as the incredible fight back being waged against the terrible austerity programs imposed in individual countries against the best interests of their citizens.

Årets start på internationalt samarbejde om vand. Vi støtter internationalt samarbejde for at gøre retten til vand og sanitet til en realitet for alle. Se og lyt til Ban Ki Moon og vær med i et Verdens Vand Dag arrangement i dit lokalområde. (Video på engelsk)

(15 March 2013) ARD Monitor did further research on the plans of European Commissioner Barnier to open the market for municipal water services to competition and interviewed right2water campaigners and other involved people in Germany. (video in German)


News Splash nr. 16: Den 11. februar blev ”Vand er en menneskeret” historie idet man som det første borgerinitiativ fik held med at indsamle mere end 1 million underskrifter i den Europæiske Union. Det er et flot resultat som er opnået med fælles hjælp!


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